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9 West Prospect Avenue, Suite 202, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
The firm provides a full range of services to clients in areas such as manufacturing, construction, investments, real estate,
sales and personal services. These services include payroll and sales tax compliance, preparation of personal and business
income tax returns and financial statement preparation. We also provide assistance in the installation and implementation of
computer systems and programs. All clients are encouraged to develop accurate internal record-keeping systems which will
minimize the firm's involvement in tasks which clients can perform at a lesser cost. Permanent computer records are
established for all clients, insuring that relevant data will remain available for future reference. Throughout the year the firm
provides invaluable tax planning strategies and business advisory services.
The firm has had extensive experience in primarily business and financial matters such as contracts, commercial matters, real
estate, estates and tax matters.  In many of these matters Mr. Bottiglieri was able to provide invaluable tax counsel to his clients
in addition to his legal services. The firm also provides estate planning services to clients to minimize estate taxes and
maximize the wealth passing to their heirs. We have developed estate plans involving lifetime gifts, family limited partnerships,
irrevocable trusts and life insurance trusts to achieve these objectives. The plans are integrated with carefully drafted Wills to
provide the maximum benefit to clients and their families.